Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kakul (415350) available!

Weather station in the area

Balakot (SYNOP 415360)
Balakot (SYNOP 415360)
Balakot (SYNOP 415360)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Karakul (SYNOP 386850)
Weatherstation Kanku (SYNOP 311020)
Weatherstation Kagul (SYNOP 338850)
Weatherstation Kabul (METAR KQGR)
Weatherstation Kabul (METAR EQAH)
Weatherstation Kau (SYNOP 974100)
Weatherstation Karaul (SYNOP 365010)
Weatherstation Karaul (SYNOP 209780)
Weatherstation Wausau (METAR KAUW)
Weatherstation Waterloo (METAR KALO)
Weatherstation Wallops-Island (METAR KWAL)
Weatherstation Walla-Walla (METAR KALW)
Weatherstation Ulysses (METAR KULS)
Weatherstation Ulundi (METAR FAUL)
Weatherstation Tulua-Farfan (METAR SKUL)
Weatherstation Tulsa (METAR KTUL)
Weatherstation Sulphur (METAR KUXL)
Weatherstation Skyline (METAR KSKL)
Weatherstation Sennelager (METAR KQAK)
Weatherstation Salida (METAR KANK)

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