Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kalamata (167260) available!

Weather station in the area

Kalamata (METAR LGKL)
Methoni (SYNOP 167340)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kalamata (METAR LGKL)
Weatherstation Kalat (METAR OPKL)
Weatherstation Kalat (METAR OAKT)
Weatherstation Kalat (SYNOP 416963)
Weatherstation Kalat (SYNOP 409793)
Weatherstation Kasama (METAR FLKS)
Weatherstation Kasama (SYNOP 674750)
Weatherstation Kaltag (METAR PAKV)
Weatherstation Kaltag (METAR IATA_KAL)
Weatherstation Kalmar (METAR ESMQ)
Weatherstation Kalmar (SYNOP 026720)
Weatherstation Kalima (METAR FZOD)
Weatherstation Kalima (SYNOP 641560)
Weatherstation Salamanca (METAR LESA)
Weatherstation Salamanca (METAR ES_2870)
Weatherstation Kalingapatam (SYNOP 431050)
Weatherstation Kalaupapa (METAR PHLU)
Weatherstation Kalaupapa (METAR IATA_LUP)
Weatherstation Kalamazoo (METAR KAZO)
Weatherstation Kalamazoo (METAR IATA_AZO)

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