Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kargopol (228450) available!

Weather station in the area

Kargopol (SYNOP 228450)
Kargopol (SYNOP 228450)
Kargopol (SYNOP 228450)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Castropol (METAR ES_1331A)
Weatherstation Walnut-Ridge (METAR KARG)
Weatherstation Stavropol' (SYNOP 349490)
Weatherstation Opelousas-St-Landry-Parish-Airport-And-Ahart-Field (METAR KOPL)
Weatherstation Kurnool (SYNOP 432130)
Weatherstation Kabompo (METAR FLPO)
Weatherstation Kabompo (SYNOP 675430)
Weatherstation Grass-Valley (METAR KGOO)
Weatherstation Gatesville (METAR KGOP)
Weatherstation Bogopol (SYNOP 319580)
Weatherstation Arlington (METAR KARL)
Weatherstation Altoona (METAR KAOO)
Weatherstation LazaropoleE (SYNOP 135770)
Weatherstation Thangool (SYNOP 943760)
Weatherstation Tarcoola (SYNOP 946550)
Weatherstation Kargasok (SYNOP 291220)
Weatherstation Kamigoto (METAR RJDK)
Weatherstation Kamigoto (SYNOP 478123)
Weatherstation Karup (METAR EKKA)
Weatherstation Karup (SYNOP 060600)

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