Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kevo (028050) available!

Weather station in the area

Utsjoki Kevo Kevojar (SYNOP 028900)
Utsjoki Kevo Kevojar (SYNOP 028900)
Utsjoki Kevo Kevojar (SYNOP 028900)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Konevo (SYNOP 227490)
Weatherstation Kocevo (SYNOP 280160)
Weatherstation Wendover (METAR KENV)
Weatherstation Volk-Camp-Dougla (METAR KVOK)
Weatherstation Voi (METAR HKVO)
Weatherstation Viosca-Knoll768 (METAR KVOA)
Weatherstation Vancouver (METAR KVUO)
Weatherstation Shelby-Muni (METAR KEHO)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR KREO)
Weatherstation Reno-Wfo (METAR KREV)
Weatherstation Penn-Yan (METAR KPEO)
Weatherstation Osceola (METAR KOEO)
Weatherstation Odiham (METAR EGVO)
Weatherstation Novato-Gnoss (METAR KDVO)
Weatherstation Newberry (METAR KEOE)
Weatherstation New-Smyrna-Beach (METAR KEVB)
Weatherstation Neosho (METAR KEOS)
Weatherstation Meeker (METAR KEEO)
Weatherstation Maryville (METAR KEVU)
Weatherstation Kerrville (METAR KERV)

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