Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Khatanga (208910) available!

Weather station in the area

Khatanga (METAR UOHH)
Khatanga (METAR UOHH)
Khatanga (METAR UOHH)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Khatanga (METAR UOHH)
Weatherstation Kapanga (METAR FZSK)
Weatherstation Kapanga (SYNOP 643023)
Weatherstation Kananga (METAR FZUA)
Weatherstation Kananga (SYNOP 642350)
Weatherstation Katarina (SYNOP 140120)
Weatherstation Katarina (SYNOP 130120)
Weatherstation Chavanga (SYNOP 223390)
Weatherstation Chattanooga (METAR KCHA)
Weatherstation Chattanooga (METAR IATA_CHA)
Weatherstation Kharga (SYNOP 624350)
Weatherstation Kaltag (METAR PAKV)
Weatherstation Kaltag (METAR IATA_KAL)
Weatherstation Batang (SYNOP 562470)
Weatherstation Katanning (SYNOP 946410)
Weatherstation Katanning (SYNOP 946290)
Weatherstation Watonga (METAR KJWG)
Weatherstation Watonga (METAR IATA_JWG)
Weatherstation Taunton (METAR KTAN)
Weatherstation Sharana (METAR KQSR)

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