Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kikinda (131740) available!

Weather station in the area

Sinnicolau Mare (SYNOP 151990)
Szeged Kulterulet (SYNOP 129820)
Sinnicolau Mare (SYNOP 151990)
Zrenjanin (SYNOP 131730)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kakinada (SYNOP 431890)
Weatherstation Kindia (METAR GUID)
Weatherstation Kindia (SYNOP 618180)
Weatherstation Inyan-Kara (METAR KIKA)
Weatherstation Indianapolis (METAR KIND)
Weatherstation Idaho-Falls (METAR KIDA)
Weatherstation Sitkinak (SYNOP 703573)
Weatherstation Linda (SYNOP 897690)
Weatherstation Kunda (SYNOP 260450)
Weatherstation Kivalina (METAR PAVL)
Weatherstation Kivalina (METAR IATA_KVL)
Weatherstation Kindu (METAR FZOA)
Weatherstation Kindu (SYNOP 641550)
Weatherstation Kidal (METAR GAKL)
Weatherstation Kidal (SYNOP 612140)
Weatherstation Kiana (METAR PAIK)
Weatherstation Bikin (SYNOP 318320)
Weatherstation Kikai-Island (METAR RJKI)
Weatherstation Kikai-Island (SYNOP 478724)
Weatherstation Myitkyina (METAR VBMK)

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