Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Klepynine (339390) available!

Weather station in the area

Dzankoj (SYNOP 339340)
Dzankoj (SYNOP 339340)
Dzankoj (SYNOP 339340)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kleinsee (METAR FAKZ)
Weatherstation Kleinsee (SYNOP 684965)
Weatherstation Valentine (METAR KVTN)
Weatherstation Valentine (METAR IATA_VTN)
Weatherstation Valentine (SYNOP 725670)
Weatherstation Kepino (SYNOP 224560)
Weatherstation Plzen-Line (METAR LKLN)
Weatherstation Pendine (SYNOP 036080)
Weatherstation Kenieba (METAR GAKA)
Weatherstation Kenieba (SYNOP 612850)
Weatherstation Kalemie (METAR FZRF)
Weatherstation Kalemie (SYNOP 642850)
Weatherstation Willoughby (METAR KLNN)
Weatherstation Ukiah (METAR KENI)
Weatherstation Point-Reyes-Vor (METAR KPYE)
Weatherstation Piney-Creek (METAR KPIN)
Weatherstation Piedmont (METAR KPYN)
Weatherstation Philadelphia-Ne (METAR KPNE)
Weatherstation Norne-Fpso-Oilp (METAR ENNE)
Weatherstation Nis (METAR LYNI)

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