Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Konevo (227490) available!

Weather station in the area

Konevo (SYNOP 227490)
Konevo (SYNOP 227490)
Konevo (SYNOP 227490)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kocenevo (SYNOP 296260)
Weatherstation Kocevo (SYNOP 280160)
Weatherstation Osceola (METAR KOEO)
Weatherstation Ontario (METAR KONO)
Weatherstation Pnevno (SYNOP 330750)
Weatherstation Kuzodeevo (SYNOP 298490)
Weatherstation Kropacevo (SYNOP 286370)
Weatherstation Kovdor (SYNOP 222040)
Weatherstation Kolpasevo (SYNOP 292310)
Weatherstation Kohnen (SYNOP 895070)
Weatherstation Botevo (SYNOP 347080)
Weatherstation Montevideo (METAR KMVE)
Weatherstation Montevideo (METAR IATA_MVE)
Weatherstation Montevideo (SYNOP 726553)
Weatherstation Moseevo (SYNOP 224810)
Weatherstation Kotkino (SYNOP 232070)
Weatherstation Konotop (SYNOP 332610)
Weatherstation Konosha (SYNOP 229510)
Weatherstation Kongolo (METAR FZRQ)
Weatherstation Kongolo (SYNOP 642760)

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