Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Kosice (LKKZ) available!

Weather station in the area

Kosice Barca (METAR IATA_KSC)
Kosice Barca (METAR LZKZ)
Kosice (SYNOP 119680)
Kojsovska Hola (SYNOP 119580)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kosice (SYNOP 119680)
Weatherstation Sea-Isle-Vor (METAR KSIE)
Weatherstation Oscoda-Wurtsmith (METAR KOSC)
Weatherstation Norwich (METAR KOIC)
Weatherstation Kunovice (METAR LKKU)
Weatherstation Kunovice (METAR IATA_UHE)
Weatherstation Koksijde (METAR EBFN)
Weatherstation Koksijde (SYNOP 064000)
Weatherstation Kusaie (SYNOP 994540)
Weatherstation Kozienice (SYNOP 124880)
Weatherstation Kosice-Barca (METAR LZKZ)
Weatherstation Kosice-Barca (METAR IATA_KSC)
Weatherstation Kocevo (SYNOP 280160)
Weatherstation Klicev (SYNOP 268640)
Weatherstation Kiyose (SYNOP 476440)
Weatherstation Kielce (SYNOP 125700)
Weatherstation Gospic (SYNOP 143300)
Weatherstation Gospic (SYNOP 132230)
Weatherstation Kocelovice (SYNOP 114870)
Weatherstation Kosseir (SYNOP 624650)

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