Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Koszalin (121050) available!

Weather station in the area

Koszalin (METAR EPKO)
Dartowek Naval (METAR EPDA)
Zegrze Pomorskie (SYNOP 121060)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Koszalin (METAR EPKO)
Weatherstation Kozani (METAR LGKZ)
Weatherstation Kozani (SYNOP 166320)
Weatherstation Koslan (SYNOP 226950)
Weatherstation Kazalinsk (SYNOP 358490)
Weatherstation Whiteman-Afb (METAR KSZL)
Weatherstation San-Diego (METAR KSAN)
Weatherstation Salina (METAR KSLN)
Weatherstation Ozona (METAR KOZA)
Weatherstation Oberlin (METAR KOIN)
Weatherstation Mount-Pleasant (METAR KOSA)
Weatherstation Los-Alamitos-Aaf (METAR KSLI)
Weatherstation Kosa (SYNOP 280130)
Weatherstation Kolasin (SYNOP 134650)
Weatherstation Klin (SYNOP 274170)
Weatherstation Homalin (METAR VBHL)
Weatherstation Homalin (SYNOP 480100)
Weatherstation Coaldale (METAR KOAL)
Weatherstation Alton-St-Louis-R (METAR KALN)
Weatherstation Alice (METAR KALI)

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