Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Krakenes (012030) available!

Weather station in the area

Krakenes (SYNOP 012030)
Krakenes (SYNOP 012030)
Krakenes (SYNOP 012030)
Svinoy Airport (SYNOP 012050)
Ytteroyane Airport (SYNOP 013040)
Floro Airport (SYNOP 013100)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kirkenes (METAR ENKR)
Weatherstation Kirkenes (SYNOP 010890)
Weatherstation Rock-Springs (METAR KRKS)
Weatherstation Reese-Afb-Lubboc (METAR KREE)
Weatherstation Port-Aransas (METAR KRAS)
Weatherstation Minneapls-Blaine (METAR KANE)
Weatherstation Kirensk (METAR UIKK)
Weatherstation Kirensk (SYNOP 302300)
Weatherstation Kennebunkport (METAR KENE)
Weatherstation Kake (METAR PAFE)
Weatherstation Kake (METAR IATA_AFE)
Weatherstation Wakeeney (METAR KWK6)
Weatherstation Wakeeney (METAR IATA_WK6)
Weatherstation Varennes (METAR IATA_WHM)
Weatherstation Varennes (METAR CWHM)
Weatherstation Varennes (SYNOP 711840)
Weatherstation Krangede (SYNOP 022480)
Weatherstation Kornesty (SYNOP 337480)
Weatherstation Kankakee (METAR KIKK)
Weatherstation Kankakee (METAR IATA_IKK)

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