Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Kramfors (ESNK) available!

Weather station in the area

Kramfors (SYNOP 022590)
Kramfors (SYNOP 022590)
Kramfors (SYNOP 022590)
Sundsvall/Harnos (METAR ESNN)
Sundsvall/Harnosand (SYNOP 023650)
Sundsvall/Harnosand (SYNOP 023660)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kramfors (SYNOP 022590)
Weatherstation Shimoji-Shima-Island (METAR RORS)
Weatherstation Rush-City (METAR KROS)
Weatherstation Port-Aransas (METAR KRAS)
Weatherstation Phi-Oil-Plat (METAR KRAM)
Weatherstation Morristown-Moore-Murrell-Airport (METAR KMOR)
Weatherstation Medford (METAR KMFR)
Weatherstation Kars (METAR LTCF)
Weatherstation Kars (SYNOP 170980)
Weatherstation Kamo (SYNOP 378010)
Weatherstation Eastsound-Orcas (METAR KORS)
Weatherstation Afton-Municipal-Airport (METAR KAFO)
Weatherstation Krasnoyarsk (METAR UNKL)
Weatherstation Krasnoyarsk (METAR IATA_KJA)
Weatherstation Krasnojarsk (METAR UNKK)
Weatherstation Krasnojarsk (SYNOP 295740)
Weatherstation Krasnoborsk (SYNOP 228760)
Weatherstation Laksfors (SYNOP 011330)
Weatherstation Kurtamys (SYNOP 286590)
Weatherstation Kurdamir (SYNOP 378440)

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