Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kreml (224290) available!

Weather station in the area

Solovki (SYNOP 224290)
Solovki (SYNOP 224290)
Solovki (SYNOP 224290)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Reliance (METAR KREL)
Weatherstation Kem (SYNOP 225220)
Weatherstation Krimml (SYNOP 111360)
Weatherstation Kerema (SYNOP 940120)
Weatherstation Kemble (METAR EGDK)
Weatherstation Kemble (METAR EGBP)
Weatherstation Kemble (SYNOP 036383)
Weatherstation Worland (METAR KWRL)
Weatherstation Window-Rock (METAR KRQE)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR KARM)
Weatherstation Westminster (METAR KEMI)
Weatherstation Wellsville (METAR KELZ)
Weatherstation Warrensburg-Skyh (METAR KRCM)
Weatherstation Vernal (METAR KVEL)
Weatherstation Uytash (METAR URML)
Weatherstation Thermal-Palm-Spg (METAR KTRM)
Weatherstation Terrell (METAR KTRL)
Weatherstation Stafford-Regnl (METAR KRMN)
Weatherstation Seminole (METAR KSRE)
Weatherstation Sabine-Pass (METAR KRPE)

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