Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kufstein (111300) available!

Weather station in the area

Wendelstein (SYNOP 109800)
St. Johann Airport (SYNOP 111320)
Hahnenkamm Mountain (SYNOP 111350)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Austin (METAR QASM)
Weatherstation Austin (METAR KU31)
Weatherstation Austin (METAR KAUS)
Weatherstation Austin (METAR IATA_U31)
Weatherstation Austin (METAR IATA_AUS)
Weatherstation Austin (SYNOP 725826)
Weatherstation Austin (SYNOP 722540)
Weatherstation Kustendil (SYNOP 156010)
Weatherstation Wauseon-Fulton-County-Airport (METAR KUSE)
Weatherstation Stevens-Point (METAR KSTE)
Weatherstation Quincy-Muni-Bald (METAR KUIN)
Weatherstation Kautokeino (SYNOP 010470)
Weatherstation Ft-Union-Vegas (METAR KFTI)
Weatherstation Fosston (METAR KFSE)
Weatherstation Fort-Stockton (METAR KFST)
Weatherstation Fort-Sill (METAR KFSI)
Weatherstation Dimmit (METAR KFTN)
Weatherstation Ramstein (METAR ETAR)
Weatherstation Ramstein (SYNOP 106140)
Weatherstation Marstein (SYNOP 012320)

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