Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Laegern (066690) available!

Weather station in the area

Dubendorf (METAR LSMD)
Zurich-Kloten (METAR LSZH)
Schaffhausen (SYNOP 066200)
Benzau (SYNOP 066460)
Mettlen (SYNOP 066520)
Beromunster (SYNOP 066530)
Brugg-Wildegg (SYNOP 066540)
Zurich (SYNOP 066600)
Albis (SYNOP 066610)
Trasadingen (SYNOP 066620)
Reckenholz (SYNOP 066640)
Leibstadt (SYNOP 066660)
Zuerich-Kloten (SYNOP 066700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lapeer (METAR KD95)
Weatherstation Lapeer (METAR IATA_D95)
Weatherstation Langen (SYNOP 106390)
Weatherstation Granada-Airport (METAR LEGR)
Weatherstation Gerona-Costa-Bra (METAR LEGE)
Weatherstation Laverton (METAR AMLV)
Weatherstation Laverton (SYNOP 944490)
Weatherstation Lages (METAR SBLJ)
Weatherstation Lages (SYNOP 838910)
Weatherstation Laage (METAR ETNL)
Weatherstation Laage (SYNOP 101720)
Weatherstation Fagernes (SYNOP 013670)
Weatherstation Lappeenranta (METAR EFLP)
Weatherstation Leavesden (METAR EGTI)
Weatherstation Leavesden (SYNOP 037815)
Weatherstation Langenois (SYNOP 110750)
Weatherstation Lamberton (METAR QRCM)
Weatherstation Wagner (METAR KAGZ)
Weatherstation Wagner (METAR IATA_AGZ)
Weatherstation Skagen (SYNOP 060410)

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