Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lahr (108050) available!

Weather station in the area

Strasbourg/Entzh (METAR LFST)
Strasbourg/Entzheim (SYNOP 071900)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lahr (METAR EDTL)
Weatherstation Lahore (METAR OPLA)
Weatherstation Lahore (SYNOP 416410)
Weatherstation Sivas (METAR LTAR)
Weatherstation Laramie (METAR KLAR)
Weatherstation Lar' (SYNOP 238670)
Weatherstation Horta-Faial-Isla (METAR LPHR)
Weatherstation Herat (METAR OAHR)
Weatherstation Harrington (METAR CAHR)
Weatherstation Gyor (METAR LHPR)
Weatherstation Broome-Airport (METAR AHBR)
Weatherstation Arad (METAR LRAR)
Weatherstation Alverca (METAR LPAR)
Weatherstation Afyon (METAR LTAH)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR KLAA)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR K4LJ)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR IATA_LAA)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR IATA_4LJ)
Weatherstation Lamar (SYNOP 724630)
Weatherstation Tahrir (SYNOP 623450)

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