Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Landsberg (ETSA) available!

Weather station in the area

Landsberg (SYNOP 108570)
Altenstadt/Schon (METAR ETHA)
Lechfeld (METAR ETSL)
Lechfeld (SYNOP 108560)
Kaufbeuren (SYNOP 109530)
Altenstadt/Schongau (SYNOP 109540)
Hohenpeissenberg (SYNOP 109620)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Landsberg (SYNOP 108570)
Weatherstation Sandberg (METAR KSDB)
Weatherstation Sandberg (METAR IATA_SDB)
Weatherstation Lander (METAR KLND)
Weatherstation Lander (METAR IATA_LND)
Weatherstation Pilansberg (SYNOP 682500)
Weatherstation Lindenberg (SYNOP 103930)
Weatherstation Sandburg (SYNOP 723830)
Weatherstation Pilanesberg (METAR FAPN)
Weatherstation Llanbedr (METAR EGOD)
Weatherstation Llanbedr (SYNOP 034053)
Weatherstation Lanseria (METAR FALA)
Weatherstation Lanseria (SYNOP 682635)
Weatherstation Landsort (SYNOP 025820)
Weatherstation Fassberg (METAR ETHS)
Weatherstation Fassberg (SYNOP 102460)
Weatherstation Arnsberg (SYNOP 104250)
Weatherstation Wandering (SYNOP 956400)
Weatherstation Wandering (SYNOP 946240)
Weatherstation Lordsburg (METAR KLSB)

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