Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Laval (071340) available!

Weather station in the area

Laval-Entrammes Airport (METAR LFOV)
Laval-Entrammes Airport (METAR LFOV)
Laval-Entrammes Airport (METAR LFOV)
Angers/Avrille (METAR LFRA)
Angers/Avrille (SYNOP 072300)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lal (METAR OALL)
Weatherstation Lal (SYNOP 409440)
Weatherstation Lavras (SYNOP 836870)
Weatherstation Davaly (SYNOP 385270)
Weatherstation Voeslau-Kottingb (METAR LOAV)
Weatherstation Veraval (SYNOP 429090)
Weatherstation Sivrihisar (METAR LTAV)
Weatherstation Sholapur (METAR VASL)
Weatherstation Laukuva (SYNOP 265180)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR KLAA)
Weatherstation Lakeland-Regiona (METAR KLAL)
Weatherstation Kivalina (METAR PAVL)
Weatherstation Kastamonu (METAR LTAL)
Weatherstation Chevak (METAR PAVA)
Weatherstation Athens-Elef-Ven (METAR LGAV)
Weatherstation Asheville (METAR KAVL)
Weatherstation Arhangelsk (METAR ULAA)
Weatherstation Allahabad (METAR VIAL)
Weatherstation Alicante-El-Alte (METAR LEAL)
Weatherstation Alexandroupolis (METAR LGAL)

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