Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Leck (100220) available!

Weather station in the area

Husum (SYNOP 100260)
Romo Island (SYNOP 060960)
Romo Havneby (SYNOP 060990)
Skrydstrup (METAR EKSP)
Skrydstrup (SYNOP 061100)
Flensburg (METAR EDXF)
Meierwik (METAR ETGG)
Flensburg/Schnaeferhaus (SYNOP 100310)
Meierwik (SYNOP 100330)
Eggebek (METAR ETME)
Husum (SYNOP 100260)
Eggebek (SYNOP 100340)
St.Peter-Ording (SYNOP 100280)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Valencia (METAR LEVC)
Weatherstation San-Javier (METAR LELC)
Weatherstation Rickenbacker-Ang (METAR KLCK)
Weatherstation Peck (METAR KECK)
Weatherstation Peck (METAR KECK)
Weatherstation Peck (METAR IATA_ECK)
Weatherstation Mus (METAR LTCK)
Weatherstation Madri-Colmenar (METAR LECV)
Weatherstation Luck (SYNOP 331870)
Weatherstation Leigh-Creek-Airport (METAR YLEC)
Weatherstation Larnaca-Larnax-A (METAR LCLK)
Weatherstation La-Coruna-Alvedr (METAR LECO)
Weatherstation Kogalniceanu (METAR LRCK)
Weatherstation Kiel-Holtenau (METAR EDCK)
Weatherstation Huesca-Pirineos (METAR LEHC)
Weatherstation Gecitkale (METAR LCGK)
Weatherstation Cork-Arpt-Corcai (METAR EICK)
Weatherstation Castres-Mazamet-Airport (METAR LFCK)
Weatherstation Cape-Carbonara (METAR LIEC)
Weatherstation Calamocha (METAR LECH)

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