Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lenghu (526020) available!

Weather station in the area

Lenghu (SYNOP 526020)
Lenghu (SYNOP 526020)
Lenghu (SYNOP 526020)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Longzhou (SYNOP 594170)
Weatherstation Hengchun (METAR RCKW)
Weatherstation Hengchun (SYNOP 595590)
Weatherstation Hengchun (SYNOP 467590)
Weatherstation Hengchun (SYNOP 467520)
Weatherstation Zhengzhou (METAR ZHCC)
Weatherstation Zhengzhou (SYNOP 570830)
Weatherstation Ling-Shui (SYNOP 599540)
Weatherstation Leting (SYNOP 545390)
Weatherstation Bengbu (SYNOP 582210)
Weatherstation Zhenghe (SYNOP 587300)
Weatherstation Wenzhou (METAR ZSWZ)
Weatherstation Wenzhou (SYNOP 586590)
Weatherstation Tonghua (SYNOP 543630)
Weatherstation Longkou (SYNOP 547530)
Weatherstation Leeming (METAR EGXE)
Weatherstation Leeming (SYNOP 032570)
Weatherstation Lanzhou (METAR ZLLL)
Weatherstation Lanzhou (SYNOP 528890)
Weatherstation Laifeng (SYNOP 575450)

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