Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lesko (126900) available!

Weather station in the area

Lesko (SYNOP 126900)
Lesko (SYNOP 126900)
Lesko (SYNOP 126900)
Przemysl (SYNOP 126950)
Kamenica Nad Cir (METAR LZKC)
Kamenica Nad Cirochou (SYNOP 119930)
Velikiy Berezny (SYNOP 335140)

Similar station names

Weatherstation San-Sebastian-Fu (METAR LESO)
Weatherstation Leskino (SYNOP 207660)
Weatherstation Resko (SYNOP 122100)
Weatherstation Lensk (SYNOP 249230)
Weatherstation Leskovac (SYNOP 133890)
Weatherstation Liesek (SYNOP 119180)
Weatherstation Lesjaskog (SYNOP 012310)
Weatherstation Leninskoe (SYNOP 317100)
Weatherstation Vasteras-Hasslo (METAR ESOW)
Weatherstation Tumaco-La-Florid (METAR SKCO)
Weatherstation Torrejon (METAR LETO)
Weatherstation Syros (METAR LGSO)
Weatherstation Storkmarknes-Ska (METAR ENSK)
Weatherstation Stord-Soerstokke (METAR ENSO)
Weatherstation Sodankyla (METAR EFSO)
Weatherstation Slupsk (METAR EPSK)
Weatherstation Skopje-Petrovac (METAR LWSK)
Weatherstation Skiathos-Island (METAR LGSK)
Weatherstation Skavsta-Stockho (METAR ESKN)
Weatherstation Siljan-Mora (METAR ESKM)

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