Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Liscombe (037100) available!

Weather station in the area

Uk Met Exeter (METAR EGRR)
Exeter Airport (METAR EGTE)
Tivington (SYNOP 037120)
Uk Met Exeter (SYNOP 037630)
Exeter Airport (SYNOP 038390)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sant'Angelo (METAR LIBE)
Weatherstation Lismore (SYNOP 945860)
Weatherstation Limbert (SYNOP 892570)
Weatherstation Enna (METAR LICE)
Weatherstation Emmen (METAR LSME)
Weatherstation Cozzo-Spadaro (METAR LICO)
Weatherstation Comiso-As (METAR LICB)
Weatherstation Calopezzati (METAR LICM)
Weatherstation Bergamo-Orio-Ser (METAR LIME)
Weatherstation Lacombe-Cda (SYNOP 712420)
Weatherstation Boscobel (METAR KOVS)
Weatherstation Boscobel (METAR IATA_OVS)
Weatherstation Pisco (METAR SPSO)
Weatherstation Pisco (SYNOP 846910)
Weatherstation Lomie (METAR FKAL)
Weatherstation Lomie (SYNOP 649610)
Weatherstation Lisca (SYNOP 140240)
Weatherstation Lisca (SYNOP 130240)
Weatherstation Lesce (SYNOP 140100)
Weatherstation High-Wycombe (METAR EGUH)

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