Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lista (014270) available!

Weather station in the area

Lista/Farsund (METAR ENLI)
Lista/Farsund (SYNOP 014280)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lisca (SYNOP 140240)
Weatherstation Lisca (SYNOP 130240)
Weatherstation Losistua (SYNOP 010910)
Weatherstation Ristna (SYNOP 261150)
Weatherstation Louisa (METAR KLKU)
Weatherstation Louisa (METAR IATA_LKU)
Weatherstation Litang (SYNOP 562570)
Weatherstation Lisala (METAR FZGA)
Weatherstation Lisala (SYNOP 640140)
Weatherstation Lintao (SYNOP 529860)
Weatherstation Elista (METAR URWI)
Weatherstation Elista (SYNOP 348610)
Weatherstation Leibstadt (SYNOP 066660)
Weatherstation Zonguldak (METAR LTAS)
Weatherstation Vicenza (METAR LIPT)
Weatherstation Trieste (METAR LIVT)
Weatherstation Trevico (METAR LIRT)
Weatherstation Trapani-Birgi (METAR LICT)
Weatherstation Tortoli (METAR LIET)
Weatherstation Tokat (METAR LTAW)

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