Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Loftus (032750) available!

Weather station in the area

Fylingdales (SYNOP 032810)
Whitby (SYNOP 032820)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Frejus-St-Rapha (METAR LFTU)
Weatherstation Louisa (METAR KLKU)
Weatherstation Louisa (METAR IATA_LKU)
Weatherstation Cottbus (METAR ETHT)
Weatherstation Cottbus (SYNOP 104960)
Weatherstation Cottbus (SYNOP 104920)
Weatherstation Zonguldak (METAR LTAS)
Weatherstation Vittefleur-St-V (METAR LFOS)
Weatherstation Turku-Abo (METAR EFTU)
Weatherstation Turbat-New (METAR OPTU)
Weatherstation Tucson (METAR KTUS)
Weatherstation Tsabong (METAR FBTS)
Weatherstation Tours-St-Symphor (METAR LFOT)
Weatherstation Toul-Rosieres (METAR LFSL)
Weatherstation Thessaloniki-Mik (METAR LGTS)
Weatherstation Tarbes-Ossun (METAR LFBT)
Weatherstation Suippes-Range (METAR LFFS)
Weatherstation Strasbourg-Entzh (METAR LFST)
Weatherstation St-Dizier-Robin (METAR LFSI)
Weatherstation Solenzara (METAR LFKS)

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