Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lugano (067700) available!

Weather station in the area

Bisbino Mountain (METAR LIMO)
Locarno/Ascona (METAR LSZD)
Locarno (METAR LSZL)
Cimetta (SYNOP 067590)
Locarno/Monti (SYNOP 067600)
Locarno/Magadino (SYNOP 067620)
Stabio (SYNOP 067710)
Bisbino Mountain (SYNOP 160720)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lugano (METAR LSZA)
Weatherstation Lugo (METAR ES_1518A)
Weatherstation Lugoj (SYNOP 152700)
Weatherstation Logan (METAR KLGU)
Weatherstation Logan (METAR KLG5)
Weatherstation Logan (METAR IATA_LGU)
Weatherstation Logan (METAR IATA_LG5)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR KAQO)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR K6R9)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR IATA_AQO)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR IATA_6R9)
Weatherstation Lung-Tan (SYNOP 467690)
Weatherstation Wugang (SYNOP 578530)
Weatherstation Nagano (SYNOP 476100)
Weatherstation Luqiao (SYNOP 586650)
Weatherstation Lukojanov (SYNOP 276650)
Weatherstation Lainio (SYNOP 020860)
Weatherstation Lagan' (SYNOP 349840)
Weatherstation Labuan (METAR WBKL)
Weatherstation Labuan (SYNOP 964650)

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