Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lugoj (152700) available!

Weather station in the area

Caransebes (METAR LRCS)
Caransebes (SYNOP 152920)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lugo (METAR ES_1518A)
Weatherstation Lugano (METAR LSZA)
Weatherstation Lugano (SYNOP 067700)
Weatherstation Volos (METAR LGVO)
Weatherstation Syros (METAR LGSO)
Weatherstation Orleans-Bricy (METAR LFOJ)
Weatherstation Loja (METAR ES_5582A)
Weatherstation Lewisburg (METAR KLUG)
Weatherstation Kos-Airport (METAR LGKO)
Weatherstation Kopitnari (METAR UGKO)
Weatherstation Kastellorizo (METAR LGKJ)
Weatherstation Ioannina (METAR LGIO)
Weatherstation Hugo (METAR KHHW)
Weatherstation Hugo (METAR IATA_HHW)
Weatherstation Gorna-Orechovist (METAR LBGO)
Weatherstation Dole-Tavaux (METAR LFGJ)
Weatherstation Bugojno (SYNOP 145440)
Weatherstation Bugojna (SYNOP 132440)
Weatherstation Ogoja (SYNOP 652720)
Weatherstation Luxor (METAR HELX)

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