Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lusi (582650) available!

Weather station in the area

Lusi (SYNOP 582650)
Lusi (SYNOP 582650)
Lusi (SYNOP 582650)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lushi (SYNOP 570670)
Weatherstation Leusi (SYNOP 280640)
Weatherstation St-Dizier-Robin (METAR LFSI)
Weatherstation Siguiri (METAR GUSI)
Weatherstation San-Ignacio-Vela (METAR SLSI)
Weatherstation Luxi (SYNOP 568860)
Weatherstation Ivdel-In-Sverdl (METAR USSI)
Weatherstation Husi (SYNOP 151340)
Weatherstation Lushuihe (SYNOP 542850)
Weatherstation Lupin (METAR IATA_WIJ)
Weatherstation Lupin (METAR CWIJ)
Weatherstation Lupin (SYNOP 714960)
Weatherstation Louhi (SYNOP 223180)
Weatherstation Liski (SYNOP 342310)
Weatherstation Lishi (SYNOP 537640)
Weatherstation Gushi (SYNOP 582080)
Weatherstation ushiro (SYNOP 474180)
Weatherstation Murasi (SYNOP 270970)
Weatherstation Mkushi (SYNOP 675750)
Weatherstation Lusaka (METAR FLLS)

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