Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Majuro-Wso-Airport (PKMJ) available!

Weather station in the area

Majuro Atoll/Nws (METAR PKMR)
Majuro Wso Airport/Marshall Island (SYNOP 913760)
Majuro Marshal Island (SYNOP 913750)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Matsumoto-Airport (METAR RJAF)
Weatherstation Matsumoto-Airport (SYNOP 477090)
Weatherstation Maribo-Airport (METAR EKMB)
Weatherstation Maribo-Airport (SYNOP 061430)
Weatherstation Paraburdoo-Airport (METAR YPBO)
Weatherstation Mayo-Airport (METAR CYMA)
Weatherstation Mayo-Airport (SYNOP 719650)
Weatherstation Makkaur-Airport (SYNOP 010920)
Weatherstation Faro-Airport (SYNOP 719493)
Weatherstation Faro-Airport (SYNOP 085540)
Weatherstation Eros-Airport (METAR FYWE)
Weatherstation Vardo-Airport (SYNOP 010990)
Weatherstation Vadso-Airport (SYNOP 010880)
Weatherstation Samos-Airport (METAR LGSM)
Weatherstation Samos-Airport (SYNOP 167230)
Weatherstation Roros-Airport (METAR ENRO)
Weatherstation Roros-Airport (SYNOP 012890)
Weatherstation Roros-Airport (SYNOP 012880)
Weatherstation Naxos-Airport (METAR LGNX)
Weatherstation Marathon-Airport (SYNOP 722016)

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