Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Makatini (684000) available!

Weather station in the area

Makatini (SYNOP 684000)
Lavumisa (METAR FDLV)
Ndzevane (METAR FDND)
Lavumisa (SYNOP 683930)
Makatini (SYNOP 684000)
Lavumisa (METAR FDLV)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Martin (METAR K9V6)
Weatherstation Martin (METAR IATA_9V6)
Weatherstation Makeni (SYNOP 618730)
Weatherstation Maanti (SYNOP 442940)
Weatherstation Maturin (METAR SVMT)
Weatherstation Maturin (SYNOP 804350)
Weatherstation Masindi (METAR HUMI)
Weatherstation Masindi (SYNOP 636540)
Weatherstation Martuni (SYNOP 378080)
Weatherstation Mankato (METAR KMKT)
Weatherstation Mankato (METAR IATA_MKT)
Weatherstation Mankato (SYNOP 726585)
Weatherstation Mandini (SYNOP 684940)
Weatherstation Mamakan (SYNOP 302550)
Weatherstation Mamakan (SYNOP 302520)
Weatherstation Malindi (METAR HKML)
Weatherstation Malindi (SYNOP 637990)
Weatherstation Maksatikha (SYNOP 272080)
Weatherstation Makindu (METAR HKMU)
Weatherstation Makindu (SYNOP 637660)

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