Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Malaga (LEMG) available!

Weather station in the area

Malaga Airport (SYNOP 084820)
Mlaga Aeropuerto (SYNOP ES_6155A)
lora (SYNOP ES_6127X)
Fuengirola (SYNOP ES_6084X)
Mlaga (Centro Meteorolgico) (SYNOP ES_6156X)
Mlaga (Puerto) (SYNOP ES_6172O)
Rincn de la Victoria (SYNOP ES_6175X)
Torremolinos (SYNOP ES_6088X)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Matlapa (SYNOP 765850)
Weatherstation Malange (METAR FNMA)
Weatherstation Malange (SYNOP 662150)
Weatherstation Malakal (METAR HSSM)
Weatherstation Malakal (SYNOP 628400)
Weatherstation Malahat (METAR IATA_WKH)
Weatherstation Malahat (METAR CWKH)
Weatherstation Malahat (SYNOP 717740)
Weatherstation Malacca (METAR WMKM)
Weatherstation Makanga (SYNOP 677970)
Weatherstation Valga (SYNOP 262470)
Weatherstation Mlawa (SYNOP 122700)
Weatherstation Mbala (METAR FLBA)
Weatherstation Mbala (SYNOP 674130)
Weatherstation Marla (SYNOP 944770)
Weatherstation Malta (METAR KM75)
Weatherstation Malta (METAR K77M)
Weatherstation Malta (METAR IATA_M75)
Weatherstation Malta (METAR IATA_77M)
Weatherstation Malta (SYNOP 725869)

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