Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Mamakan (302520) available!

Weather station in the area

Mamakan (SYNOP 302550)
Bodajbo (SYNOP 302530)
Bodajbo (METAR UIKB)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Mamakan (SYNOP 302550)
Weatherstation Samarkand (METAR UTSS)
Weatherstation Samarkand (METAR IATA_SMD)
Weatherstation Samarkand (SYNOP 386960)
Weatherstation Mama (SYNOP 301570)
Weatherstation Zamakta (SYNOP 307410)
Weatherstation Mambasa (SYNOP 640710)
Weatherstation Malakal (METAR HSSM)
Weatherstation Malakal (SYNOP 628400)
Weatherstation Makanga (SYNOP 677970)
Weatherstation Magadan (SYNOP 259130)
Weatherstation Kalakan (SYNOP 304690)
Weatherstation Hamakar (SYNOP 247180)
Weatherstation Hamadan (METAR OIHH)
Weatherstation Namangan (METAR UTKN)
Weatherstation Namangan (METAR UTFN)
Weatherstation Namangan (METAR IATA_NMA)
Weatherstation Namangan (SYNOP 386110)
Weatherstation Naimakka (SYNOP 020600)
Weatherstation Mbandaka (METAR FZEA)

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