Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Markansu (387440) available!

Weather station in the area

Karakul Lake (SYNOP 388710)
Karakul Lake (SYNOP 388710)
Karakul Lake (SYNOP 388710)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Marandua (METAR KQYV)
Weatherstation Madras (SYNOP 432780)
Weatherstation Yeoju-Range (METAR RKSU)
Weatherstation Varkaus (METAR EFVR)
Weatherstation Varkaus (SYNOP 029474)
Weatherstation Sarmasu (SYNOP 151230)
Weatherstation Sarkand (SYNOP 367860)
Weatherstation Saransk (SYNOP 277600)
Weatherstation Marathonas (METAR LGMR)
Weatherstation Marathonas (SYNOP 166800)
Weatherstation Mara (SYNOP 681760)
Weatherstation Mamakan (SYNOP 302550)
Weatherstation Mamakan (SYNOP 302520)
Weatherstation Makindu (METAR HKMU)
Weatherstation Makindu (SYNOP 637660)
Weatherstation Makanga (SYNOP 677970)
Weatherstation Karasuk (SYNOP 298140)
Weatherstation Bakanas (SYNOP 368210)
Weatherstation Martinsburg (METAR KMRB)
Weatherstation Martinsburg (METAR IATA_MRB)

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