Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Miho (RJOH) available!

Weather station in the area

Miho (SYNOP 477430)
Matsue (SYNOP 477410)
Sakai (SYNOP 477420)
Takao Radar (SYNOP 477433)
Yonago (SYNOP 477440)
Matsue/Misakayawa (SYNOP 477910)
Takao Radar (METAR TAKA)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Miho (SYNOP 477430)
Weatherstation Saltillo (METAR MMIO)
Weatherstation Roatan (METAR MHRO)
Weatherstation Nueva-Ocotepeque (METAR MHNO)
Weatherstation Mito (SYNOP 476290)
Weatherstation Howard-Afb (METAR MPHO)
Weatherstation Hermosillo-Intl (METAR MMHO)
Weatherstation Minot (METAR KMOT)
Weatherstation Minot (METAR IATA_MOT)
Weatherstation Minhe (SYNOP 528760)
Weatherstation Milos (SYNOP 167380)
Weatherstation Mihajlov (SYNOP 277290)
Weatherstation Bisho (METAR FABE)
Weatherstation Bisho (SYNOP 687523)
Weatherstation Milhostov (SYNOP 119780)
Weatherstation Rizhao (SYNOP 549450)
Weatherstation Qizhou (SYNOP 584070)
Weatherstation Muwaih (SYNOP 410060)
Weatherstation Muhino (SYNOP 313770)
Weatherstation Miyako (SYNOP 475850)

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