Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Milesovka (114640) available!

Weather station in the area

Usti Nad Labem (SYNOP 115020)
Zinnwald/Georgenfeld (SYNOP 105820)
Doksany (SYNOP 115090)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Miles (SYNOP 945290)
Weatherstation Mikhailovka (SYNOP 298020)
Weatherstation Sumilovka (SYNOP 309470)
Weatherstation Misvan (SYNOP 233110)
Weatherstation Millerovo (SYNOP 344380)
Weatherstation Milhostov (SYNOP 119780)
Weatherstation Midtstova (SYNOP 013460)
Weatherstation Malinovka (SYNOP 315830)
Weatherstation Danilovka (SYNOP 342670)
Weatherstation Pallasovka (SYNOP 343730)
Weatherstation Kirillovka (SYNOP 346090)
Weatherstation Halesovaya (SYNOP 236560)
Weatherstation Prieska (SYNOP 685280)
Weatherstation Muniesa (METAR ES_9513X)
Weatherstation Morioka (SYNOP 475840)
Weatherstation Molokai (METAR PHMK)
Weatherstation Molokai (METAR IATA_MKK)
Weatherstation Molokai (SYNOP 911860)
Weatherstation Moleson (SYNOP 066090)
Weatherstation Mogilev (METAR UMOO)

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