Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Millau (075580) available!

Weather station in the area

Millau (SYNOP 075580)
Cassagnes-Begonh (METAR LFIG)
Cassagnes-Begonhes (SYNOP 075550)
Millau (SYNOP 075580)
Mende (SYNOP 075540)
Cassagnes-Begonh (METAR LFIG)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Melilla (METAR GEML)
Weatherstation Melilla (METAR ES_6000A)
Weatherstation Melilla (SYNOP 603380)
Weatherstation Malilla (SYNOP 025660)
Weatherstation Malilla (SYNOP 025650)
Weatherstation Molla (SYNOP 025240)
Weatherstation Millbank (METAR K1D1)
Weatherstation Millbank (METAR IATA_1D1)
Weatherstation Villaguay (METAR SAAU)
Weatherstation Villaguay (SYNOP 873850)
Weatherstation Mullan (METAR KS06)
Weatherstation Mullan (METAR IATA_S06)
Weatherstation Mullan (SYNOP 727836)
Weatherstation Minacu (METAR SBMC)
Weatherstation Milwaukee (METAR KMKE)
Weatherstation Milwaukee (METAR IATA_MKE)
Weatherstation Milwaukee (SYNOP 726407)
Weatherstation Milwaukee (SYNOP 726403)
Weatherstation Miller (METAR KMKA)
Weatherstation Miller (METAR IATA_MKA)

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