Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Mokha (OYMK) available!

Weather station in the area

Mokha (SYNOP 413820)
Mokha (SYNOP 413820)
Mokha (SYNOP 413820)
Assab (SYNOP 630430)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Mokha (METAR OYMC)
Weatherstation Mokha (SYNOP 414770)
Weatherstation Mokha (SYNOP 413820)
Weatherstation Mokau (SYNOP 932060)
Weatherstation Moa (SYNOP 782684)
Weatherstation Moskva (SYNOP 276120)
Weatherstation Makoka (SYNOP 676920)
Weatherstation Mokohinau (SYNOP 930690)
Weatherstation Tullahoma (METAR KTHA)
Weatherstation Three-Rivers (METAR KHAI)
Weatherstation State-Colleg-Rfc (METAR KRHA)
Weatherstation S-Abdul-Halim (METAR WMKA)
Weatherstation Redstone-Arsenal (METAR KHUA)
Weatherstation Puerto-Obaldia (METAR MPOA)
Weatherstation Okha (METAR UHSH)
Weatherstation Okha (SYNOP 427300)
Weatherstation Okha (SYNOP 320100)
Weatherstation Oak-Harbor-Airpa (METAR KOKH)
Weatherstation Morioka (SYNOP 475840)
Weatherstation Mora (METAR KJMR)

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