Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Moleson (066090) available!

Weather station in the area

Payerne (METAR LSMP)
Payerne (SYNOP 066100)
Plaffeien-Oberschro (SYNOP 066280)
Aigle (SYNOP 067120)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Rolleston (SYNOP 943640)
Weatherstation San-Sebastian-Fu (METAR LESO)
Weatherstation Moen (SYNOP 061790)
Weatherstation Modesto (METAR KMOD)
Weatherstation Modesto (METAR IATA_MOD)
Weatherstation Holesov (METAR LKHO)
Weatherstation Holesov (METAR IATA_GTW)
Weatherstation Holesov (SYNOP 117740)
Weatherstation Clemson (METAR KCEU)
Weatherstation Clemson (METAR IATA_CEU)
Weatherstation Doylestown (METAR KDYL)
Weatherstation Doylestown (METAR IATA_DYL)
Weatherstation Moulmein (METAR VBMM)
Weatherstation Moses-Point (SYNOP 702033)
Weatherstation Moron (METAR LEMO)
Weatherstation Moosonee (METAR IATA_YMO)
Weatherstation Moosonee (METAR CYMO)
Weatherstation Moosonee (METAR CWZC)
Weatherstation Moosonee (SYNOP 718360)
Weatherstation Mollendo (METAR SPDO)

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