Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Mondsee (111530) available!

Weather station in the area

St. Wolfgang (SYNOP 113570)
Wolfsegg (SYNOP 110010)
Seewalchen/Attersee (SYNOP 111510)
Bad Ischl (SYNOP 111560)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Monee (METAR KC56)
Weatherstation Monee (METAR IATA_C56)
Weatherstation Moseevo (SYNOP 224810)
Weatherstation Moree (SYNOP 945270)
Weatherstation Moosonee (METAR IATA_YMO)
Weatherstation Moosonee (METAR CYMO)
Weatherstation Moosonee (METAR CWZC)
Weatherstation Moosonee (SYNOP 718360)
Weatherstation Montrose (METAR KMTJ)
Weatherstation Montrose (METAR IATA_MTJ)
Weatherstation Monterey (METAR KMRY)
Weatherstation Monterey (METAR IATA_MRY)
Weatherstation Monterey (SYNOP 724948)
Weatherstation Mondy (SYNOP 308020)
Weatherstation Menindee (SYNOP 946940)
Weatherstation Mende (SYNOP 075540)
Weatherstation Manistee (METAR KMBL)
Weatherstation Manistee (METAR IATA_MBL)
Weatherstation Manistee (SYNOP 726385)
Weatherstation Monterrey (SYNOP 763930)

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