Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Mount-Pleasant (KLRO) available!

Weather station in the area

Mount Pleasant (METAR IATA_LRO)
Charleston (METAR IATA_CHS)
Charleston Afb (METAR IATA_IGC)
Charleston/Exec (METAR IATA_JZI)
Berkeley Moncks (METAR IATA_MKS)
Charleston (METAR KCHS)
Charleston Afb (METAR KIGC)
Charleston/Exec (METAR KJZI)
Berkeley Moncks (METAR KMKS)
Charlestown Muni (SYNOP 722080)
Charleston Afb (SYNOP 722083)
Nise Charleston (SYNOP 722084)
Sullivans Isl (SYNOP 722087)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Mount-Pleasant (METAR KOSA)
Weatherstation Mount-Pleasant (METAR KMOP)
Weatherstation Mount-Pleasant (METAR IATA_OSA)
Weatherstation Mount-Pleasant (METAR IATA_MOP)
Weatherstation Mount-Pleasant (METAR IATA_LRO)
Weatherstation Mount-Pleasant (METAR EGYP)
Weatherstation Mt-Pleasant (METAR KMPZ)
Weatherstation Mt-Pleasant (METAR IATA_MPZ)
Weatherstation Pt-Pleasant (METAR K3I2)
Weatherstation Pt-Pleasant (METAR IATA_3I2)
Weatherstation Pleasant (SYNOP 724344)
Weatherstation Mount-Pleasant-Airport (SYNOP 888890)
Weatherstation Mount-Alisan (SYNOP 467530)
Weatherstation Mt-Pleasant-U218 (METAR XMOU)
Weatherstation Mont-De-Marsan-F (METAR LFBM)
Weatherstation Mount-Wilson (METAR KMWS)
Weatherstation Mount-Wilson (METAR IATA_MWS)
Weatherstation Mount-Wilson (SYNOP 722890)
Weatherstation Mount-Shasta (METAR KMHS)
Weatherstation Mount-Shasta (METAR IATA_MHS)

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