Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Muenchen (108650) available!

Weather station in the area

Muenchen-Riem Eddm (SYNOP 108660)
Muenchen/Oberschleissheim (SYNOP 108680)
Munich-Flughafen (METAR EDDM)
Weihenstephan (SYNOP 108630)
Neubiberg (SYNOP 108640)
Fuerholzen (SYNOP 108710)
Dachau (SYNOP 108940)
Muenchen-Flughafen (SYNOP 108700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Yuncheng (SYNOP 539590)
Weatherstation Grenchen (METAR LSZG)
Weatherstation Grenchen (SYNOP 066320)
Weatherstation Muncie (METAR KMIE)
Weatherstation Muncie (METAR IATA_MIE)
Weatherstation Yumenzhen (SYNOP 524360)
Weatherstation Waldmuenchen (SYNOP 107820)
Weatherstation Pucheng (SYNOP 587310)
Weatherstation Novokuznetsk (METAR UNCE)
Weatherstation Macheng (SYNOP 573990)
Weatherstation Kristiansand-Kje (METAR ENCN)
Weatherstation Heidrun (METAR ENHE)
Weatherstation Chinandega (METAR MNCH)
Weatherstation Buechel (METAR ETSB)
Weatherstation Buechel (SYNOP 106130)
Weatherstation Muncho-Lake (METAR IATA_WWQ)
Weatherstation Muncho-Lake (METAR CWWQ)
Weatherstation Moenichkirchen (SYNOP 111850)
Weatherstation Wenchuan (SYNOP 561880)
Weatherstation Suifenhe (SYNOP 540960)

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