Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Namest (LKNA) available!

Weather station in the area

Dukovany (SYNOP 116930)
Pribyslav (SYNOP 116590)
Brno/Turany (SYNOP IATA_BRQ)
Brno/Turany (METAR LKTB)
Brno/Turany (SYNOP 117230)
Dukovany (SYNOP 116930)
Brno Rebesovice (SYNOP 117220)
Retz (SYNOP 110220)
Kucharovice (SYNOP 116980)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Niamey (METAR DRRN)
Weatherstation Niamey (SYNOP 610520)
Weatherstation Naples (METAR KQLQ)
Weatherstation Namtsy (SYNOP 247530)
Weatherstation Jamestown (METAR KJMS)
Weatherstation Jamestown (METAR KJHW)
Weatherstation Jamestown (METAR IATA_JMS)
Weatherstation Jamestown (METAR IATA_JHW)
Weatherstation Jamestown (SYNOP 725235)
Weatherstation Cameta (SYNOP 822630)
Weatherstation Palmerston (SYNOP 959720)
Weatherstation Hammerfest (METAR ENHF)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR MMNG)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR KOLS)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR K13A)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR IATA_OLS)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR IATA_13A)
Weatherstation Nogales (SYNOP 760803)
Weatherstation Nogales (SYNOP 722726)
Weatherstation Nabesna (METAR PABN)

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