Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Nanshu (599970) available!

Weather station in the area

Nensha Island (SYNOP 469020)
Nansha Dao (SYNOP 599970)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tianshui (SYNOP 570060)
Weatherstation Nashuvud (SYNOP 025300)
Weatherstation Sansui (SYNOP 578320)
Weatherstation Nanyue (SYNOP 577760)
Weatherstation Nan (SYNOP 483310)
Weatherstation Anshun (SYNOP 578060)
Weatherstation Yanzhou (SYNOP 549160)
Weatherstation Narnaul (SYNOP 421770)
Weatherstation Nanyuki (METAR HKNY)
Weatherstation Nanyuki (SYNOP 636943)
Weatherstation Lanzhou (METAR ZLLL)
Weatherstation Lanzhou (SYNOP 528890)
Weatherstation Ganzhou (SYNOP 579930)
Weatherstation Svolvaer-Helle (METAR ENSH)
Weatherstation Shishmaref (METAR PASH)
Weatherstation Savusavu-Airport (METAR NFNS)
Weatherstation San-Juan-Airport (METAR SANU)
Weatherstation Pago-Pago (METAR NSTU)
Weatherstation Ny-Alesund-Ii (METAR ENAS)
Weatherstation New-Hanover (METAR FANH)

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