Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Newcastle (EGNT) available!

Weather station in the area

Newcastle (SYNOP 032433)
Bolt Shope Park (SYNOP 032350)
Albermarle (SYNOP 032380)
Long Framlington (SYNOP 032410)
Burnhope (SYNOP 032420)
Newcastle Wx Centre (SYNOP 032450)
Newcastle Wea Cntr (SYNOP 032460)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Newcastle (METAR FANC)
Weatherstation Newcastle (SYNOP 947740)
Weatherstation Newcastle (SYNOP 683783)
Weatherstation Newcastle (SYNOP 683780)
Weatherstation Newcastle (SYNOP 032433)
Weatherstation New-Castles (SYNOP 726058)
Weatherstation Newcastle-Mondel (METAR KECS)
Weatherstation Newcastle-Mondel (METAR IATA_ECS)
Weatherstation Newcastle-On-Clun (SYNOP 035110)
Weatherstation Newcastle-Wea-Cntr (SYNOP 032460)
Weatherstation New-Castle-Muni (METAR KUCP)
Weatherstation New-Castle-Muni (METAR IATA_UCP)
Weatherstation New-Carlisle (METAR CWOC)
Weatherstation Neuchatel (METAR LSGN)
Weatherstation Neuchatel (SYNOP 066040)
Weatherstation Fincastle (METAR CPFI)
Weatherstation Fincastle (SYNOP 715350)
Weatherstation Newcastle-Wx-Centre (SYNOP 032450)
Weatherstation New-Carlisle1 (METAR IATA_WOC)
Weatherstation New-Carlisle1 (SYNOP 716190)

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