Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Njandoma (228540) available!

Weather station in the area

Njandoma (SYNOP 228540)
Njandoma (SYNOP 228540)
Njandoma (SYNOP 228540)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sandoa (METAR FZSD)
Weatherstation Sandoa (SYNOP 643030)
Weatherstation Kadoma (SYNOP 678690)
Weatherstation Nandyal (SYNOP 432120)
Weatherstation Mandora (SYNOP 942000)
Weatherstation Kondoma (SYNOP 299460)
Weatherstation Ndjamena (METAR FTTJ)
Weatherstation Nalgonda (SYNOP 431330)
Weatherstation Bandirma (METAR LTBG)
Weatherstation Bandirma (SYNOP 171150)
Weatherstation Bajandaj (SYNOP 306270)
Weatherstation Radom (SYNOP 124850)
Weatherstation Njala (SYNOP 618780)
Weatherstation Ndola (METAR FLND)
Weatherstation Ndola (SYNOP 675610)
Weatherstation Nampa (METAR KMAN)
Weatherstation Nadym (METAR USMM)
Weatherstation Nadym (SYNOP 234450)
Weatherstation Naama (SYNOP 605570)
Weatherstation Kaoma (METAR FLKO)

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