Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Novgorod (261790) available!

Weather station in the area

Novgorod (SYNOP 261790)
Novgorod (SYNOP 261790)
Novgorod (SYNOP 261790)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Slavgorod (SYNOP 299150)
Weatherstation Bogorodsk (SYNOP 237080)
Weatherstation Nizhny-Novgorod (METAR UWGG)
Weatherstation Uzgorod (SYNOP 336310)
Weatherstation Norwood (METAR KOWD)
Weatherstation Norwood (METAR IATA_OWD)
Weatherstation Nord (SYNOP 043120)
Weatherstation Nord (SYNOP 043100)
Weatherstation Homorod (SYNOP 152120)
Weatherstation Diourbel (METAR GOOD)
Weatherstation Skovorodino (SYNOP 306920)
Weatherstation Bogorodskoe (SYNOP 314390)
Weatherstation Uzhgorod (METAR UKLU)
Weatherstation Uzhgorod (METAR IATA_UDJ)
Weatherstation Morogoro (METAR HTMG)
Weatherstation Morogoro (SYNOP 638660)
Weatherstation Lovozero (SYNOP 221270)
Weatherstation Belgorod (METAR UUOB)
Weatherstation Belgorod (SYNOP 342140)
Weatherstation Novgorod-Volynskij (SYNOP 333120)

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