Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Nukus (382640) available!

Weather station in the area

Nukus/Karakalpak (SYNOP IATA_NCU)
Nukus/Karakalpak (METAR UTNN)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Nakusp (METAR IATA_WNP)
Weatherstation Nakusp (METAR CWNP)
Weatherstation Nakusp (SYNOP 712160)
Weatherstation Wauseon-Fulton-County-Airport (METAR KUSE)
Weatherstation Waukesha-Cnty (METAR KUES)
Weatherstation Uzhgorod (METAR UKLU)
Weatherstation Usinsk (METAR UUYS)
Weatherstation Ulysses (METAR KULS)
Weatherstation Tucson (METAR KTUS)
Weatherstation St-Louis-Spirit (METAR KSUS)
Weatherstation Kissidougou (METAR GUKU)
Weatherstation Kasese (METAR HUKS)
Weatherstation Huntsville (METAR KUTS)
Weatherstation Grissom-Afb-Peru (METAR KGUS)
Weatherstation Cheboksary (METAR UWKS)
Weatherstation Bie-Kuito-Silva (METAR FNKU)
Weatherstation Austin (METAR KAUS)
Weatherstation Nukunonu (SYNOP 917230)
Weatherstation Nurek (SYNOP 388400)
Weatherstation Nguru (SYNOP 650640)

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