Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Oakland (KOAK) available!

Weather station in the area

Oakland (SYNOP 724930)
Alameda Nas (SYNOP IATA_NGZ)
San Francisco (SYNOP IATA_SFO)
San Carlos Airport (SYNOP IATA_SQL)
Oakland/Artcc (SYNOP IATA_ZOA)
Concord (METAR KCCR)
Hayward (METAR KHWD)
Alameda Nas (METAR KNGZ)
San Francisco (METAR KSFO)
San Carlos Airport (METAR KSQL)
Oakland/Artcc (METAR KZOA)
Hayward Air Term (SYNOP 724935)
Concord/Buchanan (SYNOP 724936)
San Carlos Airport (SYNOP 724938)
Davis Point (SYNOP 724939)
San Francisco Intl. (SYNOP 724940)
Treasure Island (SYNOP 724943)
Port Chicago (SYNOP 724958)
Golden Gate Bridge (SYNOP 745039)
Alameda Nas/Nimitz (SYNOP 745060)
Point Blunt (SYNOP 745065)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Oakland (METAR IATA_OAK)
Weatherstation Oakland (SYNOP 724930)
Weatherstation Oatlands (SYNOP 949710)
Weatherstation Troy-Oakland (METAR KVLL)
Weatherstation Troy-Oakland (METAR K7D2)
Weatherstation Troy-Oakland (METAR IATA_VLL)
Weatherstation Troy-Oakland (METAR IATA_7D2)
Weatherstation Lansing (METAR KLAN)
Weatherstation Lander (METAR KLND)
Weatherstation Kandahar-Intl-Airport (METAR OAKN)
Weatherstation Anderson (METAR KAND)
Weatherstation Sarkand (SYNOP 367860)
Weatherstation Orlando (METAR KORL)
Weatherstation Orlando (METAR KMCO)
Weatherstation Orlando (METAR IATA_ORL)
Weatherstation Orlando (METAR IATA_MCO)
Weatherstation Calanda (METAR ES_9569A)
Weatherstation Oakland-Artcc (METAR KZOA)
Weatherstation Oakland-Artcc (METAR IATA_ZOA)
Weatherstation Rockland (SYNOP 726187)

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