Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Otar (368640) available!

Weather station in the area

Otar (SYNOP 368640)
Otar (SYNOP 368640)
Otar (SYNOP 368640)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Otaru (SYNOP 474110)
Weatherstation Ota (METAR LPOT)
Weatherstation Ota (SYNOP 085390)
Weatherstation Turaif (METAR OETR)
Weatherstation Tiruchchirapalli (METAR VOTR)
Weatherstation Tarbela-Dam (METAR OPTA)
Weatherstation Sivas (METAR LTAR)
Weatherstation Rurutu-Island (METAR NTAR)
Weatherstation Riyan (METAR OYAR)
Weatherstation Ramstein (METAR ETAR)
Weatherstation Orumieh (METAR OITR)
Weatherstation Oita (SYNOP 478150)
Weatherstation Kaldar (METAR OAKR)
Weatherstation Herat (METAR OAHR)
Weatherstation Fort-Ord-Fritzsc (METAR KOAR)
Weatherstation Farah (METAR OAFR)
Weatherstation Boston-Rfc (METAR KTAR)
Weatherstation Atar (METAR GQPA)
Weatherstation Atar (SYNOP 614210)
Weatherstation Arusha (METAR HTAR)

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