Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Oviedo (080150) available!

Weather station in the area

Oviedo (SYNOP ES_1249X)
Asturias/Aviles (METAR LEAS)
Asturias/Aviles (SYNOP 080110)
Gijon-Campus (SYNOP 080140)
Castrilln (SYNOP ES_1212E)
Gijn (SYNOP ES_1207U)
Gozn (SYNOP ES_1210X)
Mieres (SYNOP ES_1234P)
Pola de Lena (SYNOP ES_1223P)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Oviedo (METAR ES_1249X)
Weatherstation Olmedo (METAR ES_2503X)
Weatherstation Obidos (SYNOP 821780)
Weatherstation Cnel-Oviedo (SYNOP 862340)
Weatherstation Somiedo (METAR ES_1276F)
Weatherstation Wadi-Al-Dawaser (METAR OEWD)
Weatherstation Udaipur-Dabok (METAR VIUD)
Weatherstation Schwerin-Parchim (METAR EDOP)
Weatherstation Prince-Abdulmaje (METAR OEAO)
Weatherstation Ovda (METAR LLOV)
Weatherstation Ovda (SYNOP 401980)
Weatherstation Osceola (METAR KOEO)
Weatherstation Oroville (METAR KOVE)
Weatherstation Ondo (SYNOP 652220)
Weatherstation Omeo (SYNOP 949110)
Weatherstation Omeo (SYNOP 949080)
Weatherstation Olbia-Costa-Smer (METAR LIEO)
Weatherstation Odessa (METAR KODO)
Weatherstation Oberpfaffenhofen (METAR EDMO)
Weatherstation Minab (METAR OIKO)

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