Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Parma (LIMP) available!

Weather station in the area

Parma (SYNOP 161303)
Piacenza (METAR LIMS)
Piacenza (SYNOP 160840)
Parma (SYNOP 161303)
Piacenza (METAR LIMS)
Cisa Pass (METAR LIMT)
Cisa Pass (SYNOP 161240)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Parma (SYNOP 161303)
Weatherstation Sarma (SYNOP 306200)
Weatherstation Paraa (SYNOP 636280)
Weatherstation Pampa (METAR KPPA)
Weatherstation Pampa (METAR IATA_PPA)
Weatherstation Pjara (METAR ES_C229J)
Weatherstation Patrai (SYNOP 166890)
Weatherstation Parhar (SYNOP 389440)
Weatherstation Parana (SYNOP 832310)
Weatherstation Pamban (SYNOP 433630)
Weatherstation Palmas (METAR SBPJ)
Weatherstation Palmas (SYNOP 838600)
Weatherstation Palmas (SYNOP 830650)
Weatherstation Paramonga (METAR SPPG)
Weatherstation Paramonga (SYNOP 845723)
Weatherstation Yakutat (METAR PAYA)
Weatherstation Whittier (METAR PAWR)
Weatherstation White-Mountain (METAR PAWM)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR KARM)
Weatherstation Umiat (METAR PAUM)

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